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Application of YINYAN dual planetary mixer in making PVC glue

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Wuxi YINYAN is a manufacturer offering customized mixing equipment for customers. Especially we have rich manufacturing experience in high viscous adhesive industry. According to different viscous adhesive, we could offer different designs of glue mixing equipment. Here we will introduce some information about PVC glue planetary mixer.
First, we could learn some information that what is the PVC glue;
The main component of PVC glue is polyvinyl chloride resin, high adhesive bonding strength, good sealing performance, cold heat resistance, strong medium resistance and other advantages, so the PVC glue has a wide range application, in agriculture, construction, sewage engineering and other fields widely used
Second, what special requirements of the PVC glue planetary mixer?
Ordinary the PVC planetary mixer should have good functions, such as mixing, shearing, dispersing. This is one kind of dual planetary mixer with high efficient, which is designed and produced according to the advanced foreign technology.

PVC glue planetary mixer
Third, main features of YINYAN PVC planetary mixer;
1.Special design of mixing structure, the mixing agitator could be designed according to the characteristics of PVC glue; and the mixing agitator is running in revolution meanwhile rotation, this special running track can make the mixture dissolve and uniform completely.
2.According to the actual production processes, designing perfect vacuum system, keep good quality PVC glue;
3.The mixing tank with jacket, it could reach cooling or heating functions;
4.Lifting system, independent hydraulic station can keep lifting up and down stably;
5.Control system, independent controller cabinet, adopts high quality electrical components.
Much more details about the PVC glue dual planetary mixer, welcome to contact us!