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Application of dual planetary mixer in making refractory materials

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New refractory materials have been in constant innovation and transformation in recent years. as each new varieties constantly emerging, its production technology is more and more big, the difficult preparation process is becoming more and more strict, , meanwhile, it also has much more higher requirements for refractory materials making machine, because the performance of production equipment, precision directly affects the final quality of refractory materials.
As we all know, the refractory materials making machine has been borrowed from the equipment used in the concrete building materials industry, and there is no special mixing equipment. However, the production of these refractory materials requires high requirements on the mixer used for raw materials:
--ensure uniform for every component (including different particles)
--make sure all different raw materials are dissolved 

refractory materials making machine
Why we say YINYAN dual planetary mixer is a suitable refractory materials making machine?  
1.YINYAN dual planetary mixer could be customized according to the refractory materials’ characteristics and production processes, it has high efficiency and long use life. 
2.YINYAN dual planetary mixer’s mixing agitator could make the refractory materials mixing completely, and no dead corner.
3.Special design of the mixing agitator could improve the mixing efficiency.
4.Contacting material part could be treated by coating other materials
5.Customized different discharging type
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