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Application of YINYAN dual planetary mixer in producing construction glue

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Wuxi YINYAN, we have been offering customized and service of non-standard mixer for many years. We have accumulated rich experiences in the many chemical industries, especial the adhesive industry. The major mixer in this industry is multi-functional mixer, construction glue making machine, adhesive dual planetary mixing equipment, etc.
Construction glue is one kind of the adhesives, it is widely used in the architectural engineering and essential material. Construction sealant glue is main used sealant buildings and holes, in order to prevent gas, liquid, solid through, to prevent structural materials in the displacement of the structure is damaged, so as to play a heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, dustproof, gas, fire, corrosion, shock absorption and prevent the joint accumulation of foreign matter function. 
For mixing the high viscous construction sealant glue, we always choose the dual planetary mixer. It has special design of the mixing structure, which consists of double low speed mixing shafts and single high speed dispersing shaft, and scraper device if it is needed in the actual production processes. According to the different viscous of the construction glue, there has some different low speed components for choosing, such as twist type, paddle type, frame type, etc. Options of high speed dispersing shaft and scrapers could finish the mixture efficiently in a rapid time. YINYAN dual planetary mixer consists of machine rack, lifting system, mixing system, control system, etc. options of vacuum system and temperature controlling system according to customer’s actual requirements.
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