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Adhesive, glue, super glue, rubber silicone sealant planetary mixing machine dispersing power mixer

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Adhesive, glue, super glue, rubber silicone sealant planetary mixing machine dispersing power mixer, one kind of double planetary mixer from YINYAN manufacturer, which is an efficiency mixing equipment combines multi-functions of lifting up and down, dispersing, mixing together. Its mixing agitator pushes the mixture into the dispersing shaft constantly to keep the mixing and shearing; and the it also could be designed to be equipped wall scraper and bottom scraper. According to the actual requirements, be equipped the vacuum system, with the dynamic seal and static seal together, to keep the mixing process during the vacuum condition. 
YINYAN silicone sealant mixer planetary vacuum mixing machine, which has low-speed mixing part and high-speed dispersing part. Low-speed mixing shaft adopts planetary gear transmission, the mixing agitator is revolution and rotation together, to keep the material movement up and down; and to reach the expectational mixing result in a short time. The high-speed dispersing shaft makes revolution with the same speed of planetary rack, meanwhile, it is also rotation, to force the strong shearing and dispersing to the materials, its blending result is much more times than the common mixing. Options of double-shaft or single-shaft of the high-speed dispersing part, it is according to customer’s requirements.
The total mixing structure of YINYAN planetary vacuum mixing machine, it can reach production conditions such as vacuum, heating, cooling, etc. and the mixing or dispersing speed could be adjusted as the actual production processes. Options of multi-mixing tanks, or hydraulic discharging press machine, could make the productivity much higher.
YINYAN multi-functional double planetary vacuum mixer is a high-efficient mixing equipment with no dead corner, combining dispersing, mixing, shearing together. It is also suitable for mixing, reaction, dispersing, homogenizing, blending the materials, such as polymer lithium, ion battery fluid and liquid lithium ion battery fluid, electronic electrode paste, adhesive, mold glue, silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant, anaerobic adhesive, ink, pigment, cosmetics, ointment, and other electronic, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, building materials, pesticides, etc.

silicone sealant planetary mixing machine
The application of YINYAN multi-functional double planetary vacuum mixer:
---Energy: various of battery slurry, paste (Lithium battery, nickel-chromium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, fuel cells, power batteries, etc.);  
--- Electronic appliances: solder paste, ceramic paste, magnetic material, silica gel ink, electronic adhesive, PVC plastic, filling and sealing adhesive, hot melt adhesive, various noble metal powder and paste;
--- Chemicals: a variety of sealant, adhesive, silicone sealant, polysulfide sealant, structure of insulating glass sealant, waterproof sealant, sealant, anaerobic adhesive, stone glue, Mould plastic, etc.), synthetic resin, rubber, printing ink, putty, abrasives (cream), wax products, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, all kinds of powder materials, ceramic pigment;
--- Pharmaceuticals: various soft ointments, polymer gels (medical adhesive, antipyretic adhesive for children, cold adhesive, ice adhesive, eye adhesive), and dental products;
--- Cosmetics and daily chemicals: moisturizer, lipstick, lotion, gel, facial mask, mascara, foundation, nail polish, toothpaste, soap;
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