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Adhesive component analysis report

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YINYAN manufacturer is professional for offering customized dual planetary mixer machine, which is widely used for making various adhesives. Adhesive refers to a material that has good bonding properties and can form a film between two object surfaces and firmly bond them together. It is generally made of adhesive material, curing agent, toughener, filler, diluent and modifier.

1, bonding material, also known as sticky material. It is the basic component of the adhesive, from the bonding effect, the nature of the adhesive determines the performance, use and conditions of use. Generally use a variety of resins, rubber and natural polymer compounds as a bonding substance.

Adhesive dual planetary mixer machine

2, curing agent. Curing agent is to promote the bonding material through chemical reaction accelerated curing components, it can increase the cohesive strength of the layer. Some adhesives in the resin, such as epoxy resin, without the curing agent itself can not become a hard solid. Curing agent is also the main component of the adhesive, its nature and amount of adhesive performance plays an important role.

3, toughening agent. Toughening agent is used to improve the toughness of the adhesive layer after curing the adhesive, improve its impact strength components. Commonly used dibutyl phthalate and dioctyl phthalate and so on.

4, thinner. Also known as solvent, mainly from the role of reducing the viscosity of the adhesive, in order to facilitate the operation, improve the adhesive wettability and mobility. Common organic solvents are acetone, benzene, toluene and so on.

5, packing. Filler generally do not occur in the adhesive chemical reaction, it can increase the consistency of the adhesive, reduce the thermal expansion coefficient, reduce shrinkage and improve the impact toughness of the adhesive and mechanical strength. Common varieties are talc, asbestos powder, aluminum powder and so on.

6, modifier. Modifier is to improve some aspects of adhesive properties, to meet the special requirements of some of the components added. Such as to increase the bond strength  can be added coupling agent, you can also add anti-aging agents, preservatives, antifungal agents, flame retardants, stabilizers and so on.

Yinyan which are widely used in industries such as petro-chemical, chemical industry, power station, pharmaceutical, coating, daily cosmetic, food, metallurgy, lithium battery, pesticides, detergents, building materials, asphalt emulsion modification, papermaking, printing inks, lubricants, dyeing and textile auxiliaries etc.

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